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This page describes the Zonta logo and why the various parts have been combined

The origin of the word "Zonta" is from the language of the Sioux Indian, and it was adopted as the Zonta International name in 1919. The Zonta emblem is just as familiar to members as is the word "Zonta," and there is an equally interesting story about its evolution.

The emblem is not simply a decorative design. It is an adaptation and composite of several Sioux Indian symbols which when superimposed take on a special significance for Zontians.

ZONTA = "Trustworthy"; it's an Indian word for Honest.
Indian Symbol for ray of light or sunshine or flash of light.  "Alive" will also represent Zonta.
Indian Symbol for "To stand with" or "To band together for a purpose".
Indian Symbol for "To Carry Together".
Representing shelter as being an indoor organization,  not "out-of-doors" as most Indian names convey -- as Camp Fire, Woodcraft League, etc.
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